International shipping by DHL or JP-POST


We use DHL Express or JP-POST Air shipping 


We are able to send all our products to the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Israel, Chile, Brazil, Ecuador.

Please keep in mind that shipments outside of the Japan may be subject to tariffs, value added tax (VAT), and stuff like that.

If you live in the EU or other European countries , Please order to DOCSAVE.


Air Shipping Weight Cost


Asia Oceania  America MiddleEast SouthAmerica
China/ Hong Kong/ Taiwan/ Indonesia/ Singapore/ South Korea/ Thailand USA / Canada / Australia / New Zealand Israel / Brazil / Chile / Ecuador
1.0kg 2,500JPY 4,000JPY 5,000JPY
1.5kg 3,000JPY 5,000JPY 6,000JPY
2.0kg 3,500JPY 6,000JPY 7,000JPY
2.5kg 4,000JPY 7,000JPY 8,000JPY
3.0kg 4,500JPY 8,000JPY 9,000JPY
3.5kg 5,000JPY 9,000JPY 10,000JPY
4.0kg 5,500JPY 10,000JPY 11,000JPY
4.5kg 6,000JPY 11,000JPY 12,000JPY
5.0kg 6,500JPY 12,000JPY 13,000JPY
5.5kg 7,000JPY 13,000JPY 14,000JPY
6.0kg   7,500JPY 14,000JPY 15,000JPY
7.0kg 8,000JPY 15,000JPY 16,000JPY
8.0kg 9,000JPY 16,000JPY 17,000JPY
9.0kg 10,000JPY 17,000JPY 18,000JPY
10.0kg 11,000JPY 18,000JPY 19,000JPY
11.0kg 12,000JPY 19,000JPY 20,000JPY
12.0kg 13,000JPY 20,000JPY 21,000JPY
13.0kg 14,000JPY 21,000JPY 22,000JPY
14.0kg 15,000JPY 22,000JPY 23,000JPY
15.0kg 16,000JPY 23,000JPY 24,000JPY
16.0kg 17,000JPY 24,000JPY 25,000JPY
17.0kg 18,000JPY 25,000JPY 26,000JPY
18.0kg 19,000JPY 26,000JPY 27,000JPY
19.0kg 20,000JPY 27,000JPY 28,000JPY
20.0kg 21,000JPY 28,000JPY 29,000JPY
21.0kg 22,000JPY 29,000JPY 30,000JPY
22.0kg 23,000JPY 30,000JPY 31,000JPY
23.0kg 24,000JPY 31,000JPY 32,000JPY
24.0kg 25,000JPY 32,000JPY 33,000JPY
25.0kg 26,000JPY 33,000JPY 34,000JPY
26.0kg 27,000JPY 34,000JPY 35,000JPY
27.0kg 28,000JPY 35,000JPY 36,000JPY
28.0kg 29,000JPY 36,000JPY 37,000JPY
29.0kg 30,000JPY 37,000JPY 38,000JPY
30.0kg 31,000JPY 38,000JPY 39,000JPY