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Moxa Ball
Moxa Ball
Moxa Ball

Moxa Ball

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This is a Moxa Ball, made with care by Japanese craftsmen. It contains Japanese Moxa (100% high-grade Japanese grown mugwort) produced by traditional industry in Niigata Prefecture. It is made from 2 types of Nagahama Silk (Japanese silk crepe) which is the highest clothing-grade white silk crepe.

Herbal Ingredient: Japanese moxa

 The mugwort is grown in Niigata Prefecture, ground using stone mills and then screen sieved. The refined mugwort, also known as Moxa is well known as the material used in Moxibustion. Moxa, which is good at warming up the body and getting it in shape, provides high-quality warmth and fragrance from the Moxa Ball.

Fabric 1st layer: Shakoshi Silk (gauze lattice silk crepe)

Amongst the Nagahama Silk producers in Japan and across the globe, only Nankyu Chirimen Ltd produces a weaved crepe silk that contains so much sericin. Sericin, a protein in silk, is said to have many beneficial effects such as moisturizing the skin, beautifying the skin and prevent aging.  It is also used in beauty lotions and serums.   It dissolves little by little every time you use the Moxa ball due to its water solubility.

Fabric 2nd layer: Kawari Hitokoshi Silk (finely wrinkled silk crepe)

This is a high-quality silk fabric used in high-end Kyoto and Kaga Yuzen silk printing traditions. Silk made from silkworms contains 18 kinds of amino acids, making it the natural fiber closest to the protein structure of human skin. So it is gentle on the skin and can be used with peace of mind by those with sensitive skin.


  1. Immerse the Moxa ball in water for about 1 minute.
  1. Warm in a steamer (5 minutes) or microwave (600 W for 1 minute).
  1. Massage the whole body while gradually warming it up.

Content : 1 pc

Gross Weight: 100g