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What Kobayashi-rouho keeps in mind

I am always grateful for your help. I am Kobayashi, the 7th generation.

This time, I would like to talk a little bit about what we try to do as Kobayashi-rouho.

As you know, Kobayashi-rouho is a small, small company that I inherited from my ancestors.

Therefore, it means "my mind ≒ my company's mind".

(I think it is the same for most of the owner companies and small and medium-sized companies.)

Although we are a small company, we cannot exist without the cooperation of many people, such as business partners, suppliers, customers, our staff, subcontractors, etc. But above all, my thoughts and philosophies definitely determine the future of our existence.

For this reason, I always work while thinking about what is true, what is right, and what is good. Especially in the health, medical, health care and self-care industries, that perspective is extremely important. If we forget that perspective, we become people and businesses that take advantage of people's weaknesses. Instead, I believe it is very important to be close to people's weaknesses, look for ways to cooperate with them, and work together to solve their problems.

Before I talk about thoughts, I'd like to introduce a phrase that I hate.

"Healthcare is a growing industry."

As is the case with this Covid-19 disaster, there are fields that profit from people getting sick and worrying about their health. If hospitals are busy, is society in a good state or a bad state?

A society that prioritizes the economy makes it difficult to understand such obvious truths.


A good friend of mine in Mongolia, who is very active as a healer and trainer, once took me to see a traditional doctor in Ulaanbaatar, and I was impressed by his attitude of searching for a simple and natural treatment method with as little cost as possible, while taking into consideration the patient's financial situation. This is very different from developed countries where more and more expensive testing equipment has been developed, medical examinations and treatments relying on such equipment have become the norm, and the cost of tests and medicines have become increasingly expensive.

As Kobayashi-rouho who deals with moxibustion, one of the tools of oriental medicine, I feel that the attitude of recommending "Moxa is good!" or "Please use a lot of Moxa !" without any reason is close to the economic priority, and often reflects the ego of us who provides moxa.

From these experiences and thoughts, I try to be like this.

"Anything is fine as long as it is healthy. Anything is fine as long as it can be cured.

It really doesn't matter what it is, as long as you can stay healthy. It can be acupuncture, moxibustion, tea, hot springs, or food. It depends on the person.

I myself was recently cured of a disease that I had been suffering from for three and a half years without even touching it by remote control online.

I realized firsthand how amazing the natural healing power that we all possess is. I was able to find a solution in two online treatments with one healer. This is proof that the most powerful truth medicine is already embedded in our bodies before the development of advanced medicine, and although the techniques and methods are different, I guess anything is good if you can turn it on. It could be acupuncture, moxibustion, tea, hot springs, or food.

Therefore, the goodness of moxibustion depends on whether the person feels it is good or not, and we should not push it on them. However, we believe that "moxibustion" is a much more truthful tool than the suspicious health food or health care products that are widely advertised on TV. I just want to provide the best tools that are required by the people who use it. How about this kind of tool? I want the people to use the tools that we have developed for better treatment. That's all we do, and we do it diligently. I really don't care about advertising methods, PR, conversion rates, etc...

Kobayashi-rouho is not good at advertising, but we look forward to your continued support.